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Gadget Boulevard is the TOP source for Gaming and PC Hardware.


Gadget Boulevard’s goal is to be the world’s TOP source for your Gaming and PC Hardware needs. And when it comes to gaming it includes – PC Gaming, Gaming Laptops, Mobile Gaming, and Console Gaming.

Love for Gaming

Gaming has been with us since the first computer was invented. And even with the first computers, playing Ping-Pong on it was fun.

As the development of computers increased exponentially, so as gaming. Gaming is not just on your PC but also on mobile phones, and consoles.

It has grown in proportion to the technology surrounding computers, consoles, and mobile phones.

And as we grew up with computers powered by the Intel Pentium and consoles starting with the Nintendo Entertainment System, gaming has been hardwired to our brains.

Since it’s in our brains, gaming will always be loved and will always exhilarate us. And we want to share that gaming exhilaration!

Reviews and collaboration

Gadget Boulevard would love to collaborate with you and tinker with your devices or products.

The focus for our reviews will be – Value, Performance, and Looks.

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