A roundup of Amazon’s new Echo devices

Amazon Alexa and Echo Devices - Gadget Boulevard

Amazon launched their huge lineup of new Alexa and Echo devices in an event held at their Seattle headquarters.

The new devices, some are updates of previous models, are Amazon’s way of pushing smart home technology into every house.

Let’s start the quick roundup.


New Amazon Echo Devices

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Generation) - Gadget BoulevardBUY AMAZON ECHO DOT

Amazon’s Echo devices are a slew of devices that can be interconnected to let you interact with any of your audio or TV setup anywhere in the house.

The all-new Echo Dot for only $49.99, has a new design and improved sound quality. Paired with Alexa, the Echo Dot can pretty much do everything for you as long you ask Alexa to do it.

If you want your Echo Dot to have some bass in your music, then pair your Echo Dot with the Echo Sub. The Echo Sub is a 6 inch 100 watt down-firing sub-woofer with the same design elements of the new Echo Dot. So you can pair your Dot with the Sub.

If you don’t want to have the hassle of getting the Echo Dot then pairing it with the Echo Sub just to get music streaming to your living room, then go for the new Echo Plus. All the features of the Echo Dot plus premium speakers for a powerful 360 degree sound enough to fill your entire room.

If you already have a surround sound system in your home but still wants to add Alexa, then the Echo Input will be to your liking. Connect the Echo Input to your existing speakers using a 3.5 mm audio cable and you’ll have access to your Spotify music and other Alexa features . No Bluetooth calling though.


Amazon Echo Link & Echo Show

Amazon Echo Show (2nd Gen) - Gadget BoulevardBUY AMAZON ECHO SHOW

You can also connect your surround sound system or home theater system with Amazon’s new Echo Link and Echo Link Amp. The Echo Link Amp is a 60W 2-channel amplifier, so you’ll only need your speakers for it.

Both the Echo Link and Echo Link Amp could probably replace your stereo receiver, but only the Echo Link Amp has its own amplifier.

If you’d like to watch movies or look at the recipes while cooking, then the Amazon Echo Show is for you. You can also stream music with the lyrics displayed on the screen.

Another new device that enables you to remotely unplug your appliances from the power outlet is the Echo Smart Plug. Remotely unplug using the Echo Smart Plug by telling Alexa to unplug a certain device.

Amazon also introduced their Echo Wall Clock. Aside from telling you the time, you can set up timers and reminders by using Alexa and it will show you the remaining time on the clock’s face.

If you like the Echo Dot and would like to have it on your car, then look no further. Amazon also introduced the Echo Auto, its an Echo Dot for your car. For internet connectivity, it will need to connect to your phone.


Other Alexa powered devices

AmazonBasics Microwave Alexa Enabled - Gadget BoulevardBUY AMAZON BASICS MICROWAVE

Do you want voice-controlled microwave oven? Then you should get the Amazon Basics Microwave for only $59.99. A 700 watt microwave that works with Alexa.

Smart homes will need smart security and Amazon thought about it for you. The all new Ring Stick Up Cam works with Alexa in securing your home.

Install the Ring Camera in your home and you can monitor remotely using your phone, tablet, or PC. The new Ring Camera also has a Two-way talk function and also a siren to alarm you.

And lastly, Amazon introduced their Fire TV Recast. An over-the-air DVR device that lets you watch and record over-the-air TV channels at home or on-the-go with Fire TV, Echo Show, or a compatible device with no monthly fees.

The Fire TV Recast has 2 tuners so that you can record 2 shows at once. It has a built-in 1 Terabyte of storage enough for around 150 hours of HD recordings.

The Fire TV is Alexa enabled and can be connected with your Alexa network of devices. The 1TB version costs $279.99


A handful of Amazon devices

All of these new devices will be available early October and some will be release by November. But all devices are now available for pre-order.

If you’d like to have a Alexa enabled smart home, then these new devices will be your must-have buys.

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