Tech Assisted Guitar Learning with the Jamstik+ Smart Guitar

Want to learn how to play a guitar?

There are a lot of ways to learn how to play a guitar, but one thing is certain, you need a guitar.

But you might not need to buy a guitar first, let’s take a look at the Jamstik+ Smart Guitar.

Jamstik+ Smart Guitar - Gadget Boulevard

Jamstik+ Smart Guitar

The Jamstik+ Smart Guitar is made by Zivix, a company based in Minneapolis that builds innovative electronic instruments . Along with the electronic instruments are a slew of software that helps musicians teach and just be creative.

The Jamstik+ isn’t just limited to teaching on how to play a guitar, but it also can be used in creating music. The innovative design of Jamstik+ enables it to be anything you want as the Jamstik is a MIDI controller.

Connect it to your phone, tablet, or computer via Bluetooth or USB and your ready to learn guitar or create music.

And the Jamstik smart guitar is portable, carry it to wherever you are going.

Practice your guitar playing or create music on the go with the Jamstik+.

Jamstik+ Smart Guitar - Gadget Boulevard

Jamstik+ Hardware

The Jamstik+ consist of the first 5 frets of a standard guitar. Underneath the fretboard is a capacitive touch PCB that identifies your finger position in real time.

With the fretboard are real strings that is custom-designed for the Jamstik by D’Addario.

To pickup and translate the string movements are optical pickups underneath the control interface. In the case for the Jamstik+, the optical pickups are underneath the plastic shroud with the Jamstik+ branding.

Connectivity comes via Bluetooth or via a high-speed USB, an extra MIDI Out 5-pin DIN port is also available for connection to other MIDI devices.

Jamstik+ Smart Guitar - Gadget Boulevard

Jamstik+ Software and Apps

The Jamstik+ comes with software from Zivix and is also compatible with 3rd party music apps and software.

The official app companion of the smart guitar is the Jamstik App which sadly is currently available only for the IOS.

But it doesn’t mean you can’t play if you own an android device, go to using Google Chrome and you can do exactly the same thing as with the Jamstik App.

Jamstik also has the JamTutor, this is Jamstik’s guitar learning app, and for the time being, just for the IOS.

For Apple devices like the iPhone, iPad, and Mac you can use the Jamstik+ smart guitar with the GarageBand App. Create new music with the GarageBand App with the Jamstik+ Smart Guitar. Download on the App Store or Mac App Store.

Another 3rd party software that you can use your Jamstik+ to create music is Ableton Live, available for the MAC and PC.

For a more professional and complete recording studio software, you can download the Logic pro X at the MAC App Store

Jamstik+ Smart Guitar - Gadget Boulevard

Ready to buy the Jamstik+

The Jamstik+ 5 Fret Smart Guitar comes in 2 colors – Black or White.

The prices differ, the Jamstik+ Black is priced $249.99.

Jamstik+ Smart Guitar - Gadget Boulevard

Which to buy? The white version looks so cool but it is up to you if the extra $50 justifies the color difference.

Jamstik+ White Smart Guitar - Gadget Boulevard
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