Keep your data secure with the Google Titan Security Key

When Google unveiled their Pixel 3 mobile phone and Pixel Slate laptop, one of the key features they presented is the Titan Security Chip.

We’ve discussed a little about the Titan Security Chip on our Google Pixel 3 – Up Close article, and it is essentially a hardware-based verification system that ensures the integrity of the system and software components.

It has been used with ensuring integrity of Google’s Cloud Servers and with this Titan Security Key, you can use it to ensure that no one can access your Google account except yourself.

Google Titan Security Key - Gadget Boulevard

Google Titan Security Key

The Google Titan Security Key uses the FIDO standards for 2FA preventing phishing attacks.

To gain entry to your account you’ll still need your password, but it checks if you’ve plugged-in your Titan Security Key on your PC.

For mobile devices, authentication is be done via bluetooth.

You can currently use the Titan Security key with your Google account, Facebook, and Dropbox.

One caveat to the Titan Security key is – Do not lose it.

Though you can still retrieve your account if you call Google Support, it is quite a hassle to do so.

Much like any key, car keys, house keys, do not lose your Titan Security key.

You can get the Titan Security Key at the Google Store for $50

Google Titan Security Key - Gadget Boulevard

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