Micronics Manic X70 – The Gaming Keyboard Every Gamer Wants

Have you had a unique RGB lighting EXPERIENCE with a mechanical keyboard that would UP your game?

We found this extraordinary mechanical gaming keyboard that the coolest gamers would want to have!

Manufactured by a South Korean tech company, we bring you Manic X70 Gaming Keyboard.

Guys, South Korea isn’t only about PUBG anymore!

Micronics Manic X70 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Gadget Boulevard Gaming

Manic X70 Gaming Keyboard

Manic X70 Gaming Keyboard is from a company called Hanmi Micronics, or Micronics for short. They are a PC peripherals manufacturer known in South Korea for their power supplies, PC cases, and curved monitor AIO cases. They are a regular at Computex since 2016.

In the early part of 2018, Micronics expanded their product lineup and ventured into gaming peripherals. And under that lineup is the Manic X70 Gaming Keyboard which is aimed at the large pc gaming market in South Korea.

Now, you might think that this is just another run-of-the-mill keyboard with the same mechanical switches that can be found on nearly every gaming keyboard on the market today.

No my friend, Micronics took a different route and decided to design and build their own switches called the Manic Mechanical Switch.

Manic Mechanical Switch

The Manic Mechanical Switches also comes in three flavors – Blue, Brown, and Red. Like the mechanical switches of other brands,

Blue are tactile and clicky. While the Brown switches are tactile and silent. And lastly, the Red being linear.

The Manic switches are rated for 60 million clicks and have RGB lighting – Very important to have these days.

Micronics Manic X70 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Gadget Boulevard Gaming

Aesthetics of the Manic X70 Gaming Keyboard

After taking care of the switches and the internal parts, it was time to design the looks and appeal of the keyboard.

With the aim of being “the keyboard that gamers want”, the designers took every consideration on the features and looks of the Manic X70. They’ve examined and scrutinized every keyboard that is available on the market today.

They’ve come up with a design that incorporates the most needed features of gamers plus the looks that no other keyboard has.

Micronics Manic X70 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Gadget Boulevard Gaming

Edge RGB

At first glance you’ll readily notice that this is a gaming keyboard that no one ever has. The light diffuser bar called the “Edge RGB” sits on top of the keyboard is a very unique feature that catches anyone’s attention when you turn on the RGB Lighting.

You’ll also notice the volume control knob at the upper left side of the keyboard, just on top of the ESC button.

Micronics Manic X70 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Gadget Boulevard Gaming

Right beside the volume knob is a set of dedicated programmable Macro buttons called the G-key Macro buttons (G1-G4) which can be configured to suit your needs.

On the right side of the keyboard you’ll notice another set of dedicated buttons specific for volume control, volume mute, and a shortcut key for the Calculator App.

The volume knob is different from the ones that most other keyboards have. As it has a tactile feel while tuning the volume up or down.

You can also change the color underneath it, from red to rainbow. Or you can simply turn the colors off by pressing on the volume knob itself.


Micronics Manic X70 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Gadget Boulevard Gaming

The rest of the keys follow the standard 104-key layout.

Look and Feel

Overall the construction of the Manic X70 Gaming Keyboard is amazingly good for an all ABS plastic build.

Micronics Manic X70 - Gadget Boulevard

Flexing is minimal indicating that Micronics didn’t use cheap plastics for the X70 and the matte black finish adds a more premium look.

Underside the keyboard are a set of two rubberized keyboard feet which can be extended once to elevate the keyboard. And a fixed braided USB cable to connect to your computer or laptop.

This wraps up our first impression look of the Manic X70 Gaming Keyboard.

On to RGB!

RGB Lighting On!!

For starters there are fourteen (14) lighting effects for the keyboard alone plus another set of three (3) separate lighting effects specifically for the Edge RGB. And the outcome of this is total RGB goodness!

Micronics Manic X70 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard RGB - Gadget Boulevard Gaming

Most of the RGB lighting effects can be changed using a combination of keys and are easily known once you’ve surveyed the keyboard keys.

Changing RGB effects

For a quick reference, to change the effects on the keys just use the Fn + F9 combo. To change the color of the keys, you use the Fn + Up/Down arrow keys.

For changing the effects on the Edge RGB you use the Fn + INS combo. And to change the colors of the Edge RGB, you use the Fn + PRTSC combo.

As of this writing, Micronics haven’t implemented a software that can customize the RGB lighting effects from your computer. If you want to save a custom RGB profile, you can do so by saving it on the custom profile keys (CM1-CM5).

How to program the Macro Keys?

You might wonder, how to program the Macro keys without any software?

So here’s how to program it:

  1. Press the Fn + G1 to start recording.
  2. When recording starts the Caps Lock, SCRLK, and Num Lock keys will flash.
  3. Now enter the combination of keys that you desire to use.
  4. To exit, press the Fn key to finish recording.

Unbiased Review and Verdict

I’ve been using the Manic X70 for quite a while now, about 3 weeks since it arrived, and I am impressed by the looks and feel of the keyboard.

The Manic Mechanical Switches are on par with mid-ranged switches that can be found in keyboards in the $50 to $100 price range.

The stabilizers used are actually exceptional. It feels and sounds good when typing and best of all there is no rattling on the spacebar.


The ABS double shot keycaps are good and on par with other keyboards within the price range. Light diffuses well and the keys are very visible.

The fonts used are well suited for gamers and are all too common for gamer oriented keyboards. It’s a matter of preference when it comes to this as I like simpler fonts.

The tactile feel of the volume knob is a welcome addition, a bit nostalgic for me though but it feels good.

Programming the Macro keys without software is simple and I’ve programmed a “Privacy mode” function on the G1 macro key.

The Edge RGB is beautiful to look at, especially in the rainbow effect mode. It’s just mesmerizing and cool to look at.

With a costs of 64,900 Korean Won or roughly $55 USD as of this writing, this keyboard is a good buy.

So the final tally of scores are as below:


Hoping Micronics will think about a metal or aluminum casing version. Maybe an “Elite” version of the Manic X70 perhaps?

The overall feel is good, it’s all plastic but not cheap plastic. The finish is well done and the keycaps are good for the price your paying.

There is still room for improvements like a dedicated software for RGB lighting customization and Macro keys programming. And a volume mute function when pressing the volume knob, while changing the lighting effect on the volume knob can be done by pressing  Fn + the volume knob button.

Dedicated volume control buttons on the right-side of the keyboard are a bit redundant, a dedicated media control maybe a better consideration instead.


The switches are good but not nearly as comparable to the original Cherry MX switches. The Manic Brown switches are tactile bump is soft and less noticeable as compared to the Cherry MX Brown switches. Though I would like to add that the feel when typing on the Manic X70 is good. 

The noise that is usually associated with the switch bottoming out is a hit or miss. Some keys have a softer low pitch “clack” while other keys like the backspace have a higher pitch “clack” and a bit more noisier. 

But I would like to commend Micronics for a job well done on the spacebar, no rattling noise that is usually present in keyboards at this price range. The stabilizers are good and they work well.


Being sold at $55 USD makes it a good buy but improvements listed above would make this an even more worthwhile buy and score a perfect five (5) for value.

final score

Would I recommend this keyboard? Yes of course!

Though Micronics currently doesn’t sell this outside South Korea they have plans to put it on Amazon for the international market in the future.

For now, if you ever visited South Korea check this out at local computer shops, just make sure to have someone that can speak Korean. If you have friends at Seoul, get them to buy you one and have it shipped to you.

If all else fails, send me a message at Instagram https://www.instagram.com/gadgetblvd/ or via our Contact Us page, and maybe I can help.

You can also check out their English website at http://micronicsglobal.com/

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