The temptation got the better of me – Microsoft Surface Go

Gadget Boulevard - Microsoft Surface Go

Woken up early morning by the loud ringing of my iPhone 7 Plus (which will inevitably become obsolete with the coming out of iPhone XS Max), I checked to look who’s the brave one to disturb me in my sleep.

Alas, this is a call I wouldn’t dare not answer, the screen displays “SISTER”. . . I wouldn’t want to think about what she’ll do if I didn’t answer, but surely one would be non-stop nagging.

With my husky voice saying “hello”. She excitedly exclaimed “let’s meet at the beach!”

To the beach!

The next thing I knew I was packing my bag with all my necessities, gears and yes, that includes the gadgets and gizmos I use for work. And went to the airport.

Not surprised with how my sister is wired, she already bought me a plane ticket. Armed and tempted by the idea of enjoying some sun before winter is exhilarating.

So she had me flown to an Island of the Tropics, where we met, and straight away, traveled 4 hours by car and 1 hour by boat to the Island. (The exact locations I would save for later, folks, to keep the suspense building up, oh and yeah, we visited 2 different Islands.)

I was both in awe and bewildered. In awe of the breath taking view of the beach right in front of me and at the same time struck with bewilderment of the amount of tasks I have to finish for work before I could enjoy basking at the sun on the sand.

Being a freelance writer and copywriter does have its’ advantages. Truly this is something I’m grateful for.

Out with work then

Gadget Boulevard - Microsoft Surface Go

Took out the Microsoft Surface Go from my utility bag –I call a simple Adidas backpack that way because I put everything in it like it is some utility bag, even though it’s really not and started to work.

By the way it was actually the first time that I used the device, and I had to brace myself and hold my expectations within, until I was done with work.

I never had any research done on Microsoft Surface Go because it’s actually a gift, and didn’t to do any due diligence either because I thought it doesn’t matter.

Or so I thought, but now I’m regretting that I didn’t. I should have done some research on my own before bringing it with me to use for the first time.

Although it’s handy and light compared to my 15” HP Pavilion Laptop that weighs more than a kilo, I have mixed feelings regarding how fast its responses would be.

Anyway, after the work was done, I did a little research about it, and this is what I found out: It’s a low price entry level for the Microsoft Surface line (not to discredit the giver =_= this is pure research).

Microsoft Surface Go

With price ranging from $449USD for the 64GB/Intel 4415Y/ 4GB RAM and $599 for 128 GB/ Intel 4415Y/ 8GB RAM

Gadget Boulevard - Microsoft Surface Go

I got the $449 model Intel Pentium Gold 4415Y with the CPU-integrated Intel HD Graphics 615, 4GB of main system memory, and 64GB of eMMC flash memory for storage.

With its slick design it’s easy to carry and handle for those with smaller hands, like mine, and with the keyboard detachable it acts like a TAB.

Although I prefer the bigger and more complete keyboard, the detachable keyboard isn’t bad at all. Light to the touch and is quite responsive.

Even though it’s a Windows Tablet at heart, Microsoft Surface Go has both the functionality of both PC and tablet through full Windows 10, and it has a sharp high-resolution display.

It looks like a pint-sized Microsoft Surface Pro, but it’s dainty and it fits with the tiny me (well, I shouldn’t say “tiny me” because I’m not really, haha!)


Gadget Boulevard - Microsoft Surface GoThe main tablet of the Surface Go measures 0.33H by 9.6W by 6.98D inches and weighs only 1.15 pounds, with the keyboard as a cover, turning it into a laptop. Though the keyboard is just an optional accessory, I don’t think you wouldn’t want one.

Maybe you can already note on the size of the device by point of comparison as you see on the photos with my iPhone 7 Plus, Ray-ban sunglasses and GoPro next to it (or on top of it).

So I once again browse the web and found this article from regarding my Surface Go.

According to the article, the Pentium Gold 4415Y is a 7th generation chip with 2 cores and 4 threads. The processors has a very low-wattage and has a 6-watt thermal design power rating.

Just from glancing through you’ll find that the Surface Go doesn’t have a lot of ports. It has a single USB Type-C port, used for data, video out, and charging, I know it’s not enough.

It also has dual microphones for voice calls, a front-facing 5-megapixel camera, and 8-megapixels for the rear.

Finally, a headphone jack, and a MicroSDXC card reader.

What’s next

I know there are a lot more to say about this device on my hand, maybe I’ll make a chart about it next time. A Pros & Cons article about the Microsoft Surface Go, yeah, that I will do for next time.

As I went ahead using it to write articles and creating designs my expectations of it being a good mobile device to use for those specific tasks are, I would say, satisfied.

By the way if you’re curious with the whole spending time at the Island in the Tropics thing, here’s a teaser for you. . .

Gadget Boulevard - Microsoft Surface Go

Oh, I also want to write about Microsoft Surface Pro. Yes, a friend of ours brought one. But that’s for another read.


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